How to get a job in healthcare

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How to get a job in healthcare

There is a rising need for healthcare professionals in Sweden. Being a qualified nurse or medical doctor gives you plenty of job opportunities. Get a jump-start on where to start searching for your next dream job!

Most jobs in the healthcare sector require certain qualifications. The title nurse is one of 22 titles in the medical sector that is protected by the law. To work as a nurse you will need to get a Swedish medical license. The same goes for many other medical titles, such as a medical doctor, dentist, radiologist, and so forth.

Apply for a medical license, by sending an application to the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare. If you were educated outside of Europe, it is likely that you need to pass a proficiency test before applying.

When you have got your medical license, it is time to look for a job.

Jobs in healthcare, and where to find them

Sweden has a decentralized healthcare system, divided into 21 regions. There are both public and private healthcare providers, which are largely funded by regional and municipal taxes. You can find all jobs that are funded by public money at the website of the Swedish Employment Service.

Yet, many regions and hospitals also publish their job openings on their own website. We have compiled a list of some of the largest hospitals in Sweden, to give you some examples. Note that all job openings are in Swedish.

Job openings at hospitals

Job openings at hospitals and regional healthcare facilities

What is the average salary of a Swedish nurse?

Everybody wants to know one thing: What will my salary be? You can find the answer at the Swedish government agency Statistics Sweden. This agency produces official statistics, such as salary statistics. Note that this is the average salary among men and women before taxes.


Average salary/month (2022)

Specialized medical doctor

83 200 SEK


50 300 SEK

Nurse responsible for general care

39 500 SEK


37 300 SEK

The salary will depend on the region in which you work, your age, years in the field, and specialist competence. It is also affected by the living costs and difficulty to fill job openings in a certain region or city.

Let your future employer know what you are looking for

Remember that online postings are only one of many ways to find a job. Any personal contact within the field is just as valuable. You can use your personal contacts to get a foot in the door. Make sure to use that advantage to stand out among the applicants.

How to increase your chances of getting a job

  • At the end of any internship, make sure that your supervisor knows that you are interested if there are any upcoming job openings.

  • Talk to your co-workers about how they got their job and what the process looks like. If you are an appreciated colleague they could recommend you to their manager.

  • Let your friends or study partners review your CV and personal letter. By getting feedback from someone else, you will quickly improve your ability to showcase your strengths to a future employer.

Are you ready to find your next dream job? We are more than happy to help you – from the initial assessment of your education to language courses and ultimately finding the job you want.