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A confident start to your career in Sweden

Moving to another country comes with an opportunity for personal and professional development. But a new career, lifestyle and unforeseen obstacles, can also create unnecessary stress.

To this day, Cure Staff has helped hundreds of health professionals to a license and job in Sweden. Our goal is to be your safe spot, giving you the confidence you need throughout each step of the process.

Are you a health practitioner in need of a Swedish medical license?

To work in the care professions in Sweden, you must have a license and learn Swedish. If you are educated outside the EU / EEA, you also need to take a knowledge test. Cure Staff supports you throughout the process – from exam review, to internship and job application.

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Frequently asked questions

Din resa från start till mål

Om du ska arbeta inom den svenska hälso- och sjukvården behöver du en legitimation. Cure Staff hjälper dig från start till mål i tre enkla steg.

Steg 1

Skicka din examen för granskning och validering

Steg 2

Gå kursen svenska för vårdpersonal

Steg 3

Förbered dig och bli godkänd på Kunskapsprovet

Steg 4

Gå kursen om gällande lagar och regler för ditt yrke

Steg 5

Dags för praktiktjänstgöring

Steg 6

Skicka in ansökan om legitimation

Ditt yrke avgör vad du behöver göra i varje steg. Det är helt okej om du inte vet var du ska börja, vi kan hjälpa dig. Fyll i intresseformuläret så kontaktar vi dig.

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To work as a healthcare professional, you need a medical license.
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Since 2017, Cure Staff has helped hundreds of healthcare professionals to kick-start their career in Sweden.

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