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Swedish for medical staff

Course Overview

“Swedish for medical staff” is a digital course that corresponds to 7.5 hours of study per week. The course will get you to level C1 – which corresponds to speaking fluent Swedish. You need to prove your language skills in Swedish before applying for a medical license. This is true for all foreign students, no matter if you previously studied in the EU/EEA or elsewhere in the world. After finishing the course you will have the linguistic proficiency to apply for a medical license or study at a Swedish university. Cure Staff’s course curriculum is developed according to the Common European Framework of Reference.

Course length

Our program consists of a 12 months intensive language course in Swedish. You do not need to know Swedish when starting the course. We start at a beginner’s level (A1) and finish at an advanced level (C1).

The program consists of two courses:

  • Swedish for medical staff, A1-C1

  • Introduction to the Swedish healthcare system

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