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Cure Staff educates international healthcare professionals; from their first language course to employment. Thanks to our collaboration with Swedish healthcare providers, we have enabled a career in Sweden to hundreds of our candidates.

No matter where in the world you live, your competence is needed. Come and visit us in Borås for a chat and a cup of coffee.

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Meet our qualified candidates

Since 2017, Cure Staff has helped hundreds of healthcare professionals to kick-start their career in Sweden.

”With the help of fantastic Swedish teachers, I passed both the language test and the theoretical proficiency test in less than a year.”
Zana Alikhani
Södra Älvsborgs Hospital
Shariyar Anvari
”Cure Staff paved the way for me to get a Swedish license and a job in Sweden.”
Shariyar Anvari
Child heart surgeon
Skåne University Hospital
”With Cure Staff’s support for doctors, I was prepared to take the proficiency test within 5 months.”
Shima Ehsani
General Practitioner
Stockholm Region
”Through Cure Staff’s courses, I have gained a solid knowledge in Swedish and sufficient preparation for the proficiency test for nurses.”
Rehyane Moeini
Södra Älvsborgs Hospital
“In addition to the excellent teaching of Swedish by experienced teachers, the friendly atmosphere and the constant support of the Curestaff Institute made it possible for me to succeed on my path.”
Homa Yeganevand
General Practitioner
Halland Region
Fereshte Behjati
”It is very complicated to apply for a license as an X-ray nurse. Especially when someone like me doesn't have a degree from an EU country. Thankfully, I received the best possible training and support from the Cure Staff!”
Freshte Behjati
X-ray nurse
Oskarshamn Hospital

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