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Work as a Doctor of Medicine in Sweden

Do you want to work as a doctor in Sweden? This is the guide for you. If you are educated outside of the EU/EEA, you will have to pass a proficiency test before obtaining a license that allows you to practice as a physician.

How do I get a license to work as a doctor in Sweden?

Did you know that the Doctor of Medicine is one of 22 protected titles in Sweden? In order to practice medicine, you need to have a license. The license is proof of sufficient education and mastery of the profession. 

All students at Cure Staff have our support when applying for a license. We will help you with anything you need to feel confident about your new path in this country. Not only will we make sure you have the right documentation to prove your case, but you will also be able to attend courses in Swedish, and preparatory courses before the proficiency test.

Do I need a Swedish personal identity number in order to get a license as a medical doctor?

No, you do not need a Swedish personal identity number or an address in Sweden in order to get a license. However, you do need a work or residence permit in order to practice medicine in Sweden.

1. Get your education as a medical doctor assessed

It is the National Board of Health and Welfare that needs to assess your education. There are several documents that you need to submit together with an application form. Make sure you send copies of all documents!

Download the application form at, and submit it with the following documentation: 

  • Copy of valid ID card or the first page of your passport, 

  • certificate proving that you have completed your education, 

  • a certified list of the included courses and their longevity, 

That is all! If you have made any changes to your name, make sure to also attach proof of that name change. It will take up to three months before you know whether your education was approved, or if you need to send in any additional documents.

2. Learn Swedish to work as a physician

It is time to learn how to speak Swedish. The upcoming test requires you to be able to speak Swedish fluently. You will also need to learn important terms related to your job as a doctor of medicine. 

We offer courses in Swedish. You do not have to know any Swedish to get started. 

Apply to the course Swedish for Medical Staff

3. The proficiency test for doctors of medicine

When your education is assessed, you may sign up for the proficiency test. It is given in Swedish, administered by Umeå University.

The theoretical part of the test

The first part of the test is theoretical and takes place about four times every semester. You have six hours to complete this multiple-choice test. You need to pass this part of the proficiency test, before moving on to the practical test.

The practical part of the test

The next step is a clinical test, where you have to show your proficiency in the profession. It is an OSCE – Objective, Structured Clinical Examination – that consists of two separate OSCE-circles. 

Cure Staff will help you to prepare for the proficiency test. Out of all the medical doctors that have attended our program, 75 percent passed the proficiency test on their first try. You can compare the success rate to Socialstyrelsen’s statistics, where only 20 percent of the students passed the test

4. Doctors need to know about Swedish laws and regulations

Congratulations on passing the proficiency test! Now, it is time for the last course – Swedish laws and regulations that apply to the Swedish health system. It is a digital course, where you can choose if you want to study full-time or part-time. The course is administered by Umeå University. Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to start your clinical training.

5. Clinical training for doctors of medicine

The last step prior to getting your license is practical training. You need to find a workplace where you are able to stay for at least six months. Previous experience will not make a difference – everyone has to go through the same path. At this point, it is possible to work as a doctor of medicine before starting your clinical training – but only for up to six months. In order to do so, you need to apply for special authorization from the National Board of Health and Welfare.

6. Apply for a medical license

You have now passed all the steps in order to apply for a medical license. As soon as your license is approved, you will be able to start working as a doctor of medicine. The fee to apply for a medical license as a doctor of medicine is 2 900 SEK (2022). 

Make sure to collect the following documents in order to submit your application: 

  • a copy of your passport or Swedish ID card, 

  • proof of language proficiency in Swedish,

  • a certificate showing that you have completed your clinical training. 

When you have submitted your application, it will take up to four weeks before you get your license.

Sign up for our Swedish course – the first toward a medical license

Are you a doctor of medicine, educated outside of the EU/EEA? We are here to help you succeed as a medical doctor in Sweden. Get in touch with Cure Staff, and we will tell you more about our education program. The first step is to enroll in our course “Swedish for Medical Staff”. 

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