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How to apply for a residence permit

Would you like to move to Sweden? If you are moving from a country outside of the EU/EES, you need to apply for a residence or work permit. This guide will present your different options and where to start.

There are several different types of residence permits provided by the Swedish Migration Agency. You will follow one of the below options, depending on your needs and current situation:

  • residence permit to work.

  • residence permit to study.

  • moving to someone in Sweden.

In most cases, you need to have a residence permit before entering Sweden. If you are an EU/EES citizen, you normally do not have to apply for a residence permit.

How to apply for a work permit

You need to have an employment contract with a Swedish employer before applying for a work permit. There are a few criteria your employer needs to comply with, such as having to announce the job within the EU/EEA and Switzerland for at least 10 days straight.

Your employer starts the application process

Your employer starts by sending a work permit application to the Migration Agency. In order to complete the application, your employer will ask you for the following information:

  • First name and last name

  • Date of birth

  • Citizenship

  • Education

  • E-mail address

The Migration Agency will use your email address to communicate with you during the application process. When your employer has submitted the first part of the application, you will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed.

Apply for a residence permit for your family

Will you move together with your family? Add your family members to your application in order for them to receive a residence permit. You need to prove that you have the economical means to care for your family. Read more about the maintenance requirements at the Migration Agency’s website.

Submit documents and pay the fees

You can submit your application online or by mail. The fee for one application is 2 200 SEK (2022). When submitting your application, make sure to attach a copy of your:

  • Employment contract

  • Valid passport

Wait for a decision

You can expect a decision from the Migration Agency within three months when submitting a complete online application. If you need a visa to enter Sweden, you need to visit a Swedish embassy or consulate. There, you will be photographed and required to submit the needed information in order for you to get your residence permit. If you do not need a visa to enter Sweden, you will have to visit a Migration Agency office upon arrival. They will tell you what you need to do in order to get your residence permit card.

Apply for a residence permit to study in Sweden

Residence permits to study in Sweden are available for those undertaking postgraduate studies for at least three months. In order to apply for a residence permit you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You are accepted for full-time studies.

  • You have the economical means to be self-sustaining during your studies.

  • You have to apply for full coverage health insurance.

  • You have to pay the costs of your studies.

  • The residency permit will be sent to you before you leave for Sweden. Even if your studies are going on for several years, you can only apply for a residence permit for one year at the time.

Remember this when applying for a residence permit

Your residence permit is connected to your occupation in Sweden, which could be work or studies. Depending on what you will do in Sweden, you will have to apply for the right type of residence permit. Your application must be approved before you move to Sweden.

A few things to keep in mind

  • Your residence permit is only valid as long as the current period of validity of your passport. If you apply for a study permit for a year, please make sure that your passport is valid for at least 15 months from the day you submit your application.

  • Starting in 2021, everyone that applies for a residence permit also needs to prove that they have the means to economically sustain themselves throughout their stay in Sweden.

  • When you have moved to Sweden, you will need to contact the following governmental institutions:

    • Skatteverket – for national registration and personal identity number

    • Försäkringskassan – for access to Swedish healthcare.

    • – for making a doctor’s appointment or other health-related information and guidance.

    • Your municipality handles Swedish for Immigrants (SFI), rental accommodations, child care, and schools.

  • Transportstyrelsen – for driver’s license and car registration.

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