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Becoming a radiographer in Sweden

A radiographer works with imaging technologies to help diagnose injuries and diseases. This article will guide you through the five steps of getting a medical license as a radiographer.

During a workday, you will operate various types of equipment and scanning devices, as well as assist patients through the process to ensure the creation of quality images.

In Sweden, the title of the radiographer is protected by law. You can only refer to yourself as a radiographer once you have obtained a Swedish medical license. Cure Staff can help you with everything from language courses to the actual application.

Ready to get started?

1. Start by getting your education assessed

Is your education from a country outside the EU/EEA? If so, you need to submit your education to the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare. They will assess your education, making sure it meets all requirements.

You can apply by downloading an application form at the website of the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare. You will also need to provide the documents listed below. However, you do not need a Swedish personal identity number to get your education validated, and it is free of charge.

The application needs to contain copies of the following documents. Please, make sure to get a certified translation of any documents in languages other than Swedish or English.

  • The first page of your passport

  • Certificate of education (original and translated version)

  • Certificate to show completed courses and when they took place.

  • If you have changed your first or last name after completing your education, you also need to provide proof of the name change.

It can take up to three months before you get a decision. When attending the learning program at Cure Staff, we will help you to fill out the form, and make sure you have the right documentation.

2. Learn to speak Swedish

Before working as a radiographer in Sweden, you will need to speak Swedish. The proficiency test – which is step three to becoming an authorized radiographer – is in Swedish. During your clinical training, you also need to show proof of linguistic proficiency.

The easiest way is to sign up for the course Swedish for medical staff with Cure Staff. It is a digital course that corresponds to 15 hours of study per week for six months. Cure Staff’s course curriculum is developed according to the Common European Framework of Reference. The course will get you to level C1 – which corresponds to speaking fluent Swedish.

3. Time to show your skills as a radiographer

Your education has been approved, and you are ready to proceed to the mandatory proficiency test. At this step, you need to speak Swedish to pass the test. However, you do not need to show proof of your linguistic ability until you apply for the actual medical license.

So what does the proficiency test for radiographers contain? To start with, all proficiency tests for radiographers in Sweden are administered by Lund University. You can find information about registration and course dates on their website. The proficiency test consists of three theoretical, and one practical test:

Theoretical test, part 1: Radiation physics

Theoretical test, part 2: Drug calculation

Theoretical test, part 3: Radiological examination methodology

Practical test: Five tasks that a radiographer normally carries out on a normal workday in the hospital radiology department

You must complete the proficiency test within five years of your first test trial. To get support to prepare for the test, contact us about our preparation program for radiographers.

4. What laws and regulations apply when in radiology?

You have now overcome the test period of the application process. Keep up the speed, for we still have one more mandatory course before you can apply for a medical license. The last course is an online course in laws and regulations that applies to the Swedish healthcare system.

Want to know the best part? The course is free of charge, and you can start your clinical training while finishing the course.

5. Clinical training inside the radiology department

It is time to get into your scrubs and start working. Your clinical training needs to be at least three consecutive months at the same workplace. During the training, you will need to attend radiologic examinations and computed tomography examinations. You will also gain knowledge in magnetic resonance tomography examinations as well as participate in interventions/angiography examinations.

During the clinical training, you will show your practical skills and suitability for the profession. You will receive guidance from a licensed radiographer. At the same time, you will gain a better understanding of how Swedish healthcare works.

You are officially responsible for finding a suitable workplace. Are you unsure of where to start? Let us help you! When you sign up with Cure Staff, we will guide you through every part of the medical license application process.

6. One step away from being a radiographer

So, no matter if you choose to walk the road alone, or together with Cure Staff, you have now come to the last step. You have successfully completed all tests, courses, and training. Your Swedish is on point, and it is time to send in your application.

  • Pay the fee of 870 SEK (2022)

  • Submit your application form with the following documents;

    • a copy of the first page of your passport

    • a copy of a certificate of Swedish proficiency

    • an original certificate stating that you have completed clinical training.

Wait 2–4 weeks, and if your application is complete you will receive a decision. You can start working as a radiographer as soon as you have received your license.

Get a medical license for radiology with Cure Staff

Moving to another country comes with an opportunity for personal and professional development. But a new career, lifestyle, and unforeseen obstacles can also create unnecessary stress. Let us help you get a medical license to kick-start your journey to a medical career in Sweden.

Contact us for more information about your options through Cure Staff!